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Mortimer Password Manager, Redesigned (v1.2)

Mortimer, our multi-user, Rails-based password manager, has received a complete, front-end redesign along with multiple bug fixes and security improvements. Here are some screenshots of the latest release:

Comparing this to the original application’s design, you’ll see huge improvements in usability and aesthetics. Many thanks to Devin Ikram for the novel design work and to Ashley Cross, Skottey Forden, and Tom Rosario for the solid, cross-browser, front-end implementation.

Enjoy this latest release of Mortimer. If you’d like to participate in Mortimer’s development, don’t hesitate to fork us on Github.

  • Bikash

    Hi !

    I was searching for password management package that just works. I tried your project in rails3 RVM environment but couldn’t make it work. Is this still maintained ? or how can i make this compatible with current ruby versions

  • Simon


    I’m very interested by your application, but I never used Ruby apps before and don’t know what I have to install and configure first (On Ubuntu 10.10).
    Is there a kind of installation guide please ?

    Thank you.