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When it's not trivia time, Ai kicks butt at Intramural Kick-Ball.

Crain's 2014 Best Places to Work
Mayor Jack
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Happy People, Killer Work,
Happy Clients

Summer Fridays, Xmas week off, Bagel Mondays, Bake-offs, and we still got time to design and develop award-winning websites. Boo yah!

Our Digs

Have a Look at Our Digs

Killer websites only happen when the whole crew pitches in, so Ai's space is set up for easy collaboration and conversation.

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Nylon Nemo

Nylon Nemo always dreamed of working at a real life, website-making agency in the Big Apple. But when he lands an internship and finally gets his chance, his initiative gets the best of him.

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Danger Zombies

No one's safe, not even the cleaning crew. Stay sharp, be on the lookout. And whatever you do, don't fall asleep.

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Riding Bulls in San Diego

It's known as the "most dangerous eight seconds in sports", but Ai-ers disagree. And we should know - we practiced in our down time at this year's IR Awards.

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Before They Were Ai'ers

Everybody has a past. But Ai-ers are crazy proud of theirs.


Morgan Freemans

Passion. Fortitude. Initiative. And a love of four-legged animals.

Ai employees get their hands dirty. They never settle. They continuously create and revamp and construct, always trying to improve. They guide their own paths, make their own decisions, and when the work is done, they party like it's 1999.

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We know things. We know lots of crazy only-useful-in-certain-scenarios-like-trivia-night things.

Giving Back

Giving Back

Last year, Ai mentored inner city youth, raised money for March of Dimes and Meals-On-Wheels, and donated 564 cans of food to Urban Pathways. This year, the sky's the limit.

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Around the Office

In this office, inspiration is everywhere.

Hamster Time

Hamster Time

It's an Ai Friday tradition. After a week of pushing pixels and ripping code, we let our inner myomorpha loose.

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Octopus Chips

Until you've tried Tako, you've never tried Octopus Chips. So yummy! So fine! So yeah!


Halloween, Ai Style

Halloween is one of Ai's favorite holidays. But we find the traditional celebrations kind of boring, so we created our own tradition. It's like Secret Santa, but instead of gifts, we give costumes. Part parade, part circus, part trust fall, and 100% pure joy. Here is how it works:

  • Randomly pull an employee name from the list
  • Select a costume for them to wear
  • Present your costume choice and receive your own (You get what you get and you don't get upset)
  • Wear your costume to work and go nuts at Madison Square Park!

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The Illustrious Jimmy-B

Every month, one Ai'er jumps higher than the tallest towers and moves faster than a speeding bullet, and it's awesome. How do we recognize them? By putting their name on the most illustrious award of them all: the Jimmy-B.

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Jack Turns The Big 1-0

The Ai legend reflects on his decade at the agency. Happy 10th Birthday, Mayor Jack Reynolds. We love you like a brotha from anotha motha.

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Pigs, Cats & Snakes

How do you create amazing design? Surround yourself with amazing creatures.

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AiU (Ai University)

Teaching others is in Ai's DNA. Last year's subjects included Inbox Zero, project management, and design pointers.

Ai University
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