T-Commerce Report

Tablet commerce strategies, best practices and who's doing it right. Plus a case study of Ai's recent work for Lesters.com.

By 2014, 90 million Americans will have tablets. If your site isn't ready for those swipes and touches, you're going to miss a huge opportunity.

— Alex Schmelkin, Ai Founder, CEO

Touch Me Oh You!

The Tablet Market is Growing

In the United States tablet ownership is expected to hit 55 million by the end of 2012 and almost 90 million in the next two years. By 2014, more than one in three US internet users will have a tablet device.

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Four Strategies for T-Commerce Sites

Choosing the correct strategy for a tablet site requires a thoughtful evaluation of customer needs and business requirements. No single method of development is right for all businesses. We present four possible strategies and the pros and cons of each.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • A Growing Market Share
  • Who Are the Tablet Owners
  • How Are Tablet Owners Using Their Devices
  • Tablet Users Are Surfing and Buying
  • Tablet Strategies
  • Best Practices
  • Noteworthy Tablet Experiences
  • Ai Case Study – Lesters.com
How tablet owners want to shop online

How tablet owners want to shop online:

Adobe's analysis of 16.2 billion transactions reveals that tablet owners prefer t-commerce over e-commerce.

%52 Prefer to use a tablet (t-commerce)
%40 Prefer to use a desktop (e-commerce)
%8 Other

Source: The Impact of Tablet Visitors on Retail Websites, Adobe

Top Retailers vs. Tablet Best Practices

An Ai Case Study: Lester's.com

In this report you'll learn how Ai optimized the Lesters.com tablet experience, including quick shop, navigation, forms and more.


Product Detail

The page is swipe-enabled to both browse through alternate photos.

Lesters Product Detail

Product Listing

In portrait the navigation is hidden to maximize visual space. Activate by swipe or touch.

Lesters Product Listing